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Welcome to the Bristol Beekeepers website. Please have a browse around the site, look at the pollen guide, have a look at our downloads section and check our events calendar.

Bristol Beekeepers runs a full programme of social and educational events. Many events are open to beekeepers and non-beekeepers alike as well as members of other clubs or associations.

Bristol Beekeepers has an excellent apiary where members can practice the craft of beekeeping with the support of an experienced beekeeper with full protective kit being provided.

Bristol Beekeepers run short courses and demonstrations of bees and beecraft throughout the year. For further information about courses see the Beginners section. There is also information on keeping bees on allotments which can be downloaded from the useful information page.

Introduction to Beekeeping Course 2024

A three day introductory course to Beekeeping, by Bristol Branch of Avon Beekeepers Association. This three day course takes place over three weekends, 13th, 20th and 27th January 2024.

Our course aims to give you a good grounding in reality and will bring you into the educational processes of the local association, to equip you at the start of your journey towards becoming a competent beekeeper.

The course contains both lecture style teaching and practical elements, and we try not to keep you sitting still for too long.

The cost of the course is £130, which includes a reference book (BBKA Guide to Beekeeping), local association membership to November 2024, and a variety of other materials.

Asian Hornet or not?

The Asian Hornet (vespa velutina nigrithorax) presents a risk to beekeepers across Europe. Do you know what they look like? How are they different to the European Hornet?

If you would like more information visit the Asian Hornet Action Team website or download their Asian Hornet identification PDF.

Asian Hornet - Have you seen me?

Bee covered with pollen